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Shenzhen 3-days study training for Chemshun Ceramics[ 12-12 14:15 ]
As marketing specialist,my collegues and i finished 3-days training in Shenzhen, we learnt more marketing skill for improving Chemshun Ceramics makering.Pingxiang Chemshun Ceramics is an wear protective industry alumina ceramics abrasion resistant ...
Chemshun Company Organization Tourism To Ningxia[ 06-28 14:40 ]
 Pingxiang chemshun ceramics is a industry //alumina ceramic lining// manufacturer with 15-year production experience .Chemshun Ningxia tourism set out in Juan 21th,2016 . Ningxia province with long history is rich in coal and non-metallic mineral
Attending International Marketing Training on June 14th[ 06-16 10:57 ]
Chemshun Ceramics staff attended international marketing training in Changsha city
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ADD:Non-metal area of shangliuyuan, Economic development zone, pingxiang city, Jiangxi province, P.R.China

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  • TEL:+86-799-6790781
  • FAX:+86-799-6790785 Postcode:337000
  • Non-metal area of shangliuyuan, Economic developmentzone, pingxiang city, Jiangxi province, P.R.China.
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